About the artist

"I have a BFA from the University of Michigan in sculpture, and an MFA from NYU in costume design. After a suggestion from my mom to mosaic dresses, I happened upon the perfect dress form to turn into art. I bought fifty and began a signature series of sculptural mosaic dresses that perfectly reflect my artistic background in both sculpture and theatre design. These dresses became my signature piece that garnered attention worldwide.

My body of work also includes shrines and animal totems, which can be found in hotels and private collections nationwide. In addition, my new contemporary series explores patterns found in the industrial and in nature, and mixing the two in complementary compositions. 

I'm a mixed-media mosaic artist, and every piece I create begins with the gathering of discarded treasures to form a 'palette' that I then use to decorate a hand-made substrate. From there, I surrender to process and let the piece unfold as fast as my hands can keep up with my creative mind. This is the art process I both work in and teach to create fine art mosaic pieces.

I hope you enjoy my works as much as I enjoy creating them. Have a look around, and thanks for stopping by! Feel free to contact me if there's anything I can do for you." 

-Susan Wechsler 

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